Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your tracks on CD?

Sorry, no we don't supply our tracks on CD.

If you really need a CD there is nothing to prevent you from burning the tracks you have purchased from us to a CD yourself. The procedure is very simple. If your computer does not have a CD/DVD drive then you can purchase one and recordable CDs from the usual suppliers e.g Amazon or PC World. The burner usually comes with the software needed, but if not, there is plenty of free to download software on the internet. e.g Windows Media Player and ITunes

I've emailed you but heard nothing back?

We reply to all emails within 3 to 4 hours during studio hours (9 a.m to 6 p.m) If you haven't heard from us please check your spam folder and check that you entered your email address correctly into the contact us form.

Tips for using the Wish List Feature

Wish Lists allow you to save some tracks and come back to them later. Whether you're compiling a new set for your gigs or want to take a while choosing the perfect tracks to perform to, you can use a wish list to save those tracks together.

Wish lists are a good way to take advantage of our bulk discounts. You don't have to select the tracks in one browsing session.

Just add the tracks from the website to your wish list. When you close the webpage your selected tracks stay in the list for future visits. Once you've compiled your list, you can select it from the navigation and add all of the tracks to your cart. Once you're finished with the list you can remove it from your account.

Tips for using the search box

The search box is very intuitive but is also sensitive to punctuation. Try to enter a search term which does not include punctuation. e.g if you are looking for 2-4-6-8 Motorway then just start typing motorway and the site will locate it.

Do you do custom tracks to order

Yes we do. As an approximate guide prices start at around £130 per track. If you would like a price for a particular song please contact us

Can you supply tracks in different keys

Yes, we can provide tracks in different keys. At the moment we cannot do this automatically on the website. If you are interested in a song in our cataogue, but cannot sing it in the cover key, please contact us. Please bear in mind that key changing software will only work successfully 2 semitones maximum up or down.

To request key changes, place your order in the usual way, then contact us with details of the key changes you require. We will then email the key changed tracks to you. There is no extra charge for this service.

Do your tracks fade out

No, All our tracks have proper endings. No fades at all.

Do you accept PayPal

No, we don't accept PayPal for automated payments on our website.

Can I post your tracks on social media

You can add your vocals to our tracks and post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without an additional licence, providing non of your accounts are monetised.

If your social media accounts are monetised you will need an additional licence from us. The fee for the additional licence is £25 per track.

How can I download my tracks to my iPhone / iPad / Android device

Apple blocks downloading media from all websites - this includes audio and video files. In order to get your tracks onto your IPhone / IPad first download the tracks to a PC or Mac then sync to your device. This problem has been sorted with the iPhone 12.

On Android devices you need to download a file manager from the Playstore. You can then access your downloads through that app.

Can I buy the individual multi tracks of your backing tracks

Sorry no, but we do have a lot of different mixes which might be of interest, including tracks for guitarists, sax players, bass players, piano and keyboard players. Check out what we have on the 'Audience' tab on the home page.